Lesley Feldman Law specializes in the defense of workers’ compensation and related matters. Lesley Feldman Law has an extensive background in all phases of litigation, including the defense of discrimination claims filed under Labor Code Section 132(a) and Serious & Willful Misconduct Claims filed under Labor Code Section 4553. We handle all phases of workers’ compensation compliance processes and litigation, including Industrial Commission hearings and appeals to our California Workers’ Compensation Courts, defending all claims and other actions filed against employers, including third-party claims and claims for industrial torts. We work directly with company representatives and claims department personnel to establish proactive compliance processes and vigorously defend the clients’ interests. In addition to complete litigation services, we work with our clients to develop appropriate procedures to comply with the filing requirements of the California Workers’ Compensation law.

Prompt and Effective Analysis and Workers’ Compensation Defense

Our first service is to provide you with a thorough analysis of your case as soon as possible. This analysis will inform you of your rights and responsibilities, provide you with an honest appraisal of your best settlement options, and offer you legal advice on whether you should engage in litigation. Throughout the defense of your claims you will have seasoned attorneys working on the case and advancing your defense with great dispatch towards an immediate resolution. We zealously and aggressively pursue your bottom line, whether the ultimate resolution rests in settlement, litigation before the California Workers’ Compensation Board, or appeal. Above all we defend your best interests at all times, steadfastly representing your position and standing behind both your decisions and our work.